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  • In todays digitalized and connected world, more and more of our daily social and work life takes place online. The Internet offers means of connceting people with each other almost instantly and provides oppertunities for businesses to reach out to more people. This is where we come into play.

Our Services

Web Design

Keeping keywords like responsiveness, user friendliess, simple navigation & performance always in mind and by using latest standards (HTML5, CSS3) for perfectly desgined & structured web sites, we give you everything you need for your online appearance. Using open source software like WordPress, we provide content management systems tailored to your needs.

Hosting & Support

From the acquisition of the right domain name to individual hosting plans, we ensure to always get the right choice for you. We establish the technical infrastructure for your online playground to florish. Let us take over and ensure that your site is always up to date using the latest standards & updates. And that backups are made & individual bugs are fixed.

SEO & Marketing

Applying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to guarantee that anybody can find you online by optimizing structure & content of your website. Setup of email campagins & strategies, as well as creating transactional & promotional email templates that work in all major email clients. We also offer social media strategies for networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Strategy & Consulting

With visitor tracking on your website, you get better insights in what kind of devices they are using, how long they stayed on which pages & which content had the biggest influence. We analyze your current status, offer improvements & advises and establish strategy plans for your web appearance, social media & email campaigns.

Special Services

Individual Software Engineering

Upon request and individual alignments we offer software engineering on a variety of platforms and environments. Contact us and we find out together whether or not we might be the right one for the job. Languages & frameworks include: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, react, Ionic, Grommet, and much more...

Business Intelligence & Big Data

Establishing a big data architecture. Connecting, integrating and aquiring valuable data to analyze those huge amounts of data to create insights to your customers, products or services and visualizing what matters. Tools & methods include: Hadoop, Spark, Talend, Tableau, RapidMiner, Gephi, and much more...

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